Colors of Time


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1868 – Jonathan Wilks is elated at winning over $2,000 in a winner-take-all poker game. The money will go far for his new life with his beloved Margaret, after they elope tomorrow.

2007 – Kate Carston is surprised to find an unconscious man at the back of her art gallery. Even more surprising is the fact that the man claims to be the long-since dead Jonathan Wilks, painter of many valuable heirlooms that hang in her store, and lost love of her great, great, great Grandmother Margaret. How did he get here? Why is he here? With the bank about to foreclose on her gallery, the last thing Kate needs is the stress of landing in the middle of an Unsolved Mysteries episode!

Growing up, Kate used to stare at the antique photograph of Jonathan and Margaret at the carnival, hoping someday she would find her prince – someone as handsome as Jonathan. But he was here now, and she was falling for him. Would he vanish just as quickly as he had appeared? Was he really supposed to be with Margaret?

Colors of Time received three 5-star reviews from the romance industry when it was first published. Readers of all ages have thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of the romantic road taken by Kate and Jonathan, and celebrated the surprise ending.

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