9 to 5’ers: There’s One in Every Office


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9 to 5’ers is a 1980s retro collection of cartoon caricatures based on people you would have likely seen, or indeed worked beside in everyday office life. In fact, the characters may still be around today because there truly is one in every office.

This humorous side of life depicts everyone from The Boss and The Den Mother to The Office Gossip, the Ladder Climber, the Junk Food Junkie, The Bitch and more.

Each character has a mini-bio and a list of their Favorite Saying, Favorite Song, Favorite Film, Pet Peeve, Mode of Transport, and Probable Destiny.

Have fun categorizing your peers. Warning: this procedure could be hazardous to your employment.

The black and white images are open to your artistic enhancement with coloured pens, crayons or other drawing delights to doodle your way through a long day at the office.

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